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The International Somali & Abyssinian League Club is pleased to welcome you to this database dedicated to our breeds of heart.

The purpose of this database is to gather as much information as possible about the Abyssinian and Somali's lines.

A very important part of this project is to collect health's data from breeders, breed clubs and databases from different countries.

This database gives also the possibility to calculate the coefficient of inbreeding (COI) of a future litter, to check the health results of registered cats or simply to browse the pedigrees. After your registration, you can log in to other health research options and you can also do genealogical analysis.

As a former breeder or owner, you can help complete pedigrees, add photos, and contribute to health information. You can find more details under the "add a cat" tab. This information is essential to provide the most accurate results regarding consanguinity and health problems.

Join us !